Suzugamine Hike - Near Hiroshima

Here is a great hike with spectacular views of Hiroshima City and the ports around the city. There are a few pictures posted below the map.

I think that I would rate this hike as fairly easy. There is not much of an elevation to climb, and it isn't all that steep. I started pretty far away from the mountain, and my route passed right through Shin-Inokuchi train station. So this is a hike that you can get to easily if you don't have a car, or don't want to drive to the hike. There are a lot of trails on this hill with many different routes for you to take. It looks like there is a lot of area to explore on this range just on the outskirts Hiroshima City.

We had to start pretty far away from the trail head as we started the hike early in the morning. The department stores in the area were not open yet, so the 'free' parking was not available. Where we parked along the waterfront, there is a big seawall and a small park. Come down here anytime of the day and you'll find a lot of cars parked here; either people are resting, or just parking so that they can go for a long walk, or run, on the seawall.

Starting Point:

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This Suzugamine Hike near Hiroshima provides awesome views of Hiroshima City and the surrounding ports. You can see miles (or kilometers) from the top of this mountain on the outskirts of the city.
View of Hiroshima City from a mountain

View of Inokuchi area of Hiroshima city from top of mountain

In the photo below is an area of Hiroshima City called Itsukaichi. This is right next Hatsukaichi, which is outside the right side of this photo. The big island in the center right of the photo is the famous Miyajima Island. The island is a huge tourist spot with many temples and shrines. Miyajima is considered one of the '7 wonders' of Japan and it is also a World Heritage site.

View of Itsukaichi a part of Hiroshima City from a mountain