Another Kintai Castle Hike

 Another of the many trails around and along this mountain in Iwakuni, Japan. Take a walk up and see the Iwakuni Kintai Castle and the nature surrounding Kintai.

This trail is a lot harder than hiking the paved road route that was in my earlier post. Pretty difficult at the beginning, going up 300 meters in a short distance, but once you get to the top it is pretty easy going along the peak. There is a shrine along the mountain peak, after you reach the top and before you reach the area where the cable car come up the mountain. I could see more than a few trails branching off of this one, and I will have to explore them soon. Just a few pictures from this Kintai Castle Hike down below.

Start Location:

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This is a photo from the area around the cable car station at the top of the mountain. Just a little fog that morning, making for a cool hike.

If you come up here in the morning, you'll run into more than a few local regulars that use this area for exercise. Very enjoyable area to spend a lot of time exploring.

Trees in a Foggy Park

Here you can see Kintai Bridge through the trees on the first part of this hike. This is very near the beginning where the steep climbing starts. I guess it isn't really that steep for most people. I just need to take it slow, because if I don't I will wear out really quickly. Of course it gets much easier once you are on the top, easy sailing from there.

Kintai Bridge as seen through some trees