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how I experience japan

Everyone has things that they love (or hate) about the place that they are. These are the things that I love about Japan. Everyone experiences everything differently, even if only slightly. Experience what I like about Japan.

Oh! There will be walking! A lot of walking. But that will take some time.

I love the outdoors, and I love the Japanese outdoors. I like being out of the city, out of the crowds and traffic that packs Japan and makes you feel like a sardine in a can.

I like walking and hiking. I like Japanese history and culture. I like visiting historic sites, temples, and other places. I really like shrines and temples. I love Japanese food and alcohol, and you will see a lot of those on this site. There is also a lot of Japanese entertainment. From music to movies to anime and manga. I even like some traditional Japanese music, with traditional instruments. And I love metal. Japan has some very interesting hard rock and metal bands.

And last but not least, there will be quite a bit about the Japanese Language and learning Japanese. I am engrossed in learning Japanese right now, so that takes up most of my time and will be a big part of this site.

Hopefully the Japanese things that interest me will interest you as well.

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