“Thinking in Japanese Podcast” – A Japanese Language Podcast Review

An intermediate Japanese language podcast where the host talks slowly in Japanese about various topics of interest.

“Thinking in Japanese Podcast” – A Japanese Language Podcast Review

“Thinking in Japanese Podcast” is a Japanese language podcast which you can use to practice listening to Japanese. This is going to be an intermediate level podcast, as it is entirely in spoken Japanese. Isaku, the gentlemen making the podcast, talks about a wide variety of different topics. He does speak a little slower than normal speaking speed, and is very easy to understand.

Isaku began “Thinking in Japanese Podcast” in May of 2020. He averages about 3 to 5 episodes each month, but has occasionally produced only 2 episodes in various months. His podcasts average around 10 minutes in length, but can be from 5 to 15 minutes each. He talks about a variety of topics, but seems to focus on productivity, learning, health, philosophy, and human behaviors the most.

A very good podcast to listen to for Japanese listening practice. He does have a Patreon page for those of you willing to pay for transcripts of the podcast, bonus content, and newsletters. I cannot comment on those yet, as I have not yet become a patron.

You can find “Thinking in Japanese Podcast” here:

Spotify: Thinking in Japanese Podcast

Apple Podcasts: Thinking in Japanese Podcast

Patreon: Thinking in Japanese Podcast