“Think in Japanese すったもんだカルチャー” – A Japanese Language Podcast Review

An intermediate Japanese language podcast where the host discusses various topics in Japanese.

“Think in Japanese すったもんだカルチャー” – A Japanese Language Podcast Review

“Think in Japanese すったもんだカルチャー” – a Japanese Language podcast to assist you with learning Japanese. “すったもんだカルチャー” means something like “tumultuous” or “confused” culture. The description of the podcast is as follows: We will chat about current events in Japan and around the world, recent social and cultural turmoil, and ourselves, using articles from the news and web magazines as topics for casual conversation. Let’s think together in Japanese!

The host, Yako Kimura, usually talks with her friend for the podcast episodes, but sometimes she is by herself. There are many different topics that are discussed. The advanced topics discussed on this podcast are things like: The mysterious relationship between Japanese gods and women, and The image of ‘skinship’ is negative…is it? “Skinship” is physical contact, usually between family members like a mother and her children. Other topics are things like: do Japanese people like scary stories?, and how is freedom of speech and freedom of the press in Japan?

This very advanced level Japanese language podcast started in June of 2020. There is one new episode each week on average. Each episode is around 20-30 minutes long. The two ladies on the podcast speak at a normal speed for the Japanese language, and it is not too fast. You can easily understand the words, and their pronunciation, if you need to look them up in a dictionary.

You can find “Think in Japanese すったもんだカルチャー” at the below links:

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Apple Podcasts: Think in Japanese すったもんだカルチャー

YouTube: Think in Japanese すったもんだカルチャー