“TheJapanesePage.com – Beginning Japanese Phrases” – Japanese Language Learning Podcast Review

An beginner Japanese Language Learning podcast that helps you out with Japanese phrases.

“TheJapanesePage.com – Beginning Japanese Phrases” – Japanese Language Learning Podcast Review

“TheJapanesePage.com – Beginning Japanese Phrases” podcast is a beginner Japanese language learning podcast. This podcast here is the product of Clay and Yumi, who teach Japanese through their website and by selling books that they write. This is a beginner podcast, just as it says in the name. Clay speaks English, and starts off each episode with the topic; and Yumi speaks Japanese. Yumi will say sentences in Japanese, and then Clay will provide the general English translation, and then the literal translation of the Japanese.

Both Clay and Yumi speak very clearly, and they both have awesome voices. Clay sounds like a radio announcer or voice actor; and Yumi sounds the same. Yumi will usually say the sentences at normal speed, and then again a little slower. They also break down the sentences word by word saying each word in Japanese, and then English, before moving to the next word. That is why this is a very good podcast for beginners. Intermediate level, and definitely advanced level, Japanese speakers will probably be bored with this podcast. While there are good grammar points every so often, most of the episodes are about the basics. While each episode has a phrase, or two, in Japanese, the topics of the episodes are pretty much one word topics. These topics are things like: fireworks, oversleeping, all day long, neighborhood, school, and things like that.

“TheJapanesePage.com – Beginning Japanese Phrases” podcast episodes are an average of 2 to 3 minutes in length. Clay and Yumi only upload about one episode each week. Yumi also has another podcast that she does alone called: “にほんごのたね” (nihongo no tane). They do also have a monthly magazine that they publish electronically, and they do put out a good number of books. If you buy the electronic books, which are often grouped into series, directly from their web store you can often get new books in the series for free. Oh yeah, did I mention yet that they also have a YouTube channel? These two do almost everything.

You can find “TheJapanesePage.com – Beginning Japanese Phrases” at the following links:

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TheJapanesePage.com: thejapanesepage.com/