The Tofugu Podcast – A Japanese Podcast Review

Here is an outstanding podcast for beginner Japanese learners to listen to in order to learn more about Japanese grammar and word usage.

The Tofugu Podcast – A Japanese Podcast Review

“The Tofugu Podcast: Japan and Japanese Language” is a beginner language podcast that is produced by the company that is called “Tofugu”. The company is all about learning about Japan and the Japanese language. The Tofugu Website has many articles about Japanese grammar and language, Japanese topics, reviews of study materials, a way to learn how to read kana, and they also own the “WaniKani” website. WaniKani helps you learn over 2000 kanji and 6000 Japanese words. You can read my reviews of WaniKani here and here.

“The Tofugu Podcast” began publishing in December of 2016, with Koichi and Michael. At first they are pretty goofy; Koichi likes to try to be funny, and he has a ‘different’ sense of humor. The podcast is all in English, with the occasional Japanese word or sentence thrown in. Further along in the podcast they do get in to speaking about Japanese grammar and word usage more than just topics about Japan and Japanese things. Later on in the episodes, they do get two Japanese staffers to join in on the podcasts. They do a lot with explaining Japanese pronunciation and grammar.
Some of the topics that the podcasts focus on are:

  • Finding a job in Japan
  • Japanese Robot Cafe
  • How to get the most out of your ALT life in Japan
  • What makes a good Japanese translator
  • How to Sake Taste
  • Is the JET program right for you?

May 2018 is when they really get into podcasts that are actually about the Japanese language and Japanese grammar. When “The Tofugu Podcast” actually talks about the Japanese language, the podcasts are about 30 to 60 minutes long, or longer. Although their consistency putting out episodes is spotty at best. For example, there were no episodes between February and October of 2019. But, I think this podcast is still worth listening to. It seems Koich and Michael are not on podcasts that much in 2020, and I don’t think they are on any in 2021. That leaves Kanae, Jenny, Rachel, Mami, and some other staffers to put out the podcasts. I do like the podcasts about Japanese grammar and how to use words.

Click the link below to find “The Tofugu Podcast” on the Tofugu site with links to Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Soundcloud : The Tofugu Podcast