The Konnichiwa Podcast – A Japanese Podcast Review

Here is a bilingual podcast for beginner Japanese, and English, learners to listen to in order to hear native speakers of English and Japanese speak the language.

The Konnichiwa Podcast – A Japanese Podcast Review

“The Konnichiwa Podcast – Conversations in English and Japanese” is a bilingual podcast with three hosts who talk about pretty much anything. The hosts are: Yurie, who is Japanese and speaks only Japanese; My, who is maybe half Japanese and speaks both in Japanese and English; and then Dan, who is American and pretty much only speaks English on the podcast. 

The three talk about news, and other various life topics. This podcast is helpful for complete beginners to start listening to either Japanese, or English. That is because the hosts will only speak in their own language: Dan = English, Yurie = Japanese, and Mai will speak both at times. If Yurie speaks for a long time in Japanese, usually either Dan or Mai will repeat what she said in English. And then in the opposite direction, if Dan or Mai talk for a long time in English, Yurie will also say the same thing in Japanese. I think they are going for both Japanese and English learners.

They started the podcast in April of 2019, and have been releasing one episode each week pretty much. Except during the longer Japanese Holidays like New Years. Each episode is approximately 20 to 30 minutes long. It is an interesting podcast to listen to, especially if you want a break from listening to things that are completely in Japanese. They also have a YouTube channel where they post a few videos, called “The Konnichiwa Podcast – カフェ (Cafe)”. They only put up one or two videos a month, but they are separate from the podcast. So they are not just videos of the podcasts being recorded. 

Click the link below to head over to “The Konnichiwa Podcast” website, where you can find links to the podcast for Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts :

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