“Nihongo Radio with ANIMESENSEI” – Japanese Language Learning Podcast Review

An intermediate/beginner Japanese Language Learning podcast that discusses a lot about anime.

“Nihongo Radio with ANIMESENSEI” – Japanese Language Learning Podcast Review

“Nihongo Radio with ANIMESENSEI” podcast is a mixed level Japanese language learning podcast. The podcast host’s name is Yuuki, and he really likes anime and otaku things. The podcast starts out around an intermediate level of Japanese, and Yuuki repeats anime scripts for the first few episodes. Shortly after, around episode 40, he started uploading sessions he has on Discord. He gives a free lesson each week on Discord, and most of the recent podcasts are just recordings of different sessions on Discord. Some of these podcasts are at the beginner level, and there is a lot of English spoken on the podcasts.

“Nihongo Radio with ANIMESENSEI” started in January of 2021. There are 248 episodes right now, and he keeps putting them out. He began by reading anime scripts in Japanese only, and would have an episode of each script at natural Japanese speed; and at a slower speed. I really have a difficult time keeping up with him when he is speaking at a natural speed. Right now he uploads about 2 to 6 episodes each week. Each episode is around 20 to 35 minutes in length. Again, each episode right now is a recording of something he does on Discord; a grammar session, regular ‘chitchat’, or just messing around with folks on Discord. Once a week he has a free lesson, and you are listening to him teach someone Japanese.

It can be an interesting podcast at times, but the “Nihongo Radio with ANIMESENSEI” podcast is not really my thing. He is great, I just am not that interested in learning this way. I don’t like listening to Japanese learners speak Japanese, because I don’t want to pick up improper pronunciations. I have nothing against Yuuki, I like the way he teaches. I’m sure that he has a lot of information about the Japanese language that is very useful when learning Japanese. I’m sure that many people will find this podcast interesting and very useful for their Japanese language learning journey.

Yuuki also has a YouTube channel, and a Patreon page, but he hasn’t posted anything to either in about a year. 

You can find “Nihongo Radio with ANIMESENSEI” podcast at the following links:

Spotify: Nihongo Radio with ANIMESENSEI

Apple Podcasts: Nihongo Radio with ANIMESENSEI