“Nihongo for You” – A Japanese Language Podcast Review

An intermediate Japanese language podcast where the host discusses various topics in Japanese.

“Nihongo for You” – A Japanese Language Podcast Review

“Nihongo for You” – a Japanese Language podcast to assist you with learning Japanese. This is an upper beginner/intermediate level podcast in Japanese. Akari speaks in Japanese at the beginning of each episode, saying a few paragraphs about a news story or some other topic. At the end of each episode, she repeats the podcast in English. So, I labeled it upper beginner, as you will need to know a good amount of Japanese words to be able to understand what she is talking about. It’s not like she is saying a word, or phrase, in Japanese and then immediately providing the English. She goes through the entire dialogue first in Japanese, and then the English later. Also, later on, she only talks in Japanese, and posts the English and Japanese transcripts on her website.

Akari began making episodes of “Nihongo for You” in July of 2020, and has 100 total episodes as of April 2022. She puts out between 1-4 episodes each month, and the episodes are about 5-10 minutes in length. There are a few episodes that are 20-30 minutes long, but they are rare. She is very easy to understand, and she speaks at a normal pace. Akari also uploads these podcasts on her YouTube channel. 

Along with the podcast episodes, Akari has other videos on her YouTube channel. She sometimes teaches grammar, other topics, or puts up videos of things she does in personal life. Akari also has a website, where she puts up transcripts of her podcast in Japanese and English and has posts about life and other things.

You can find “Nihongo for You” at the below:

Spotify: Nihongo for You

Apple Podcasts: Nihongo for You

YouTube: Nihongo for You

Website: Nihongo for You.com