“Nihongo con Teppei Z” – Podcast in Japanese Language Review

This is a great intermediate level Japanese language podcast for those looking to practice their listening skills.

“Nihongo con Teppei Z” – Podcast for Learning Japanese Language Review

The “Nihongo con Teppei Z” podcast is for intermediate level Japanese learners. Teppei, as he calls himself, makes this podcast about many different topics. The podcast is entirely in Japanese, and Teppei speaks at a normal pace. He is very easy to understand if you already know a lot of Japanese vocabulary, and have at least a little bit of grammar and sentence structure under your belt. Teppei actually makes more than a few different podcasts, mostly by himself but does make a podcast with another Japanese teacher. The “Nihongo con Teppei Z” podcast is an extension, or “chapter 2”, of Teppei’s first podcast: “Nihongo con Teppei” (<–link). I don’t really know yet why he ended the first one and began the second. They are on the same level of Japanese, and he talks about the same type of topics. Which is anything and everything. He also has a “Nihongo con Teppei for Beginners” (<–link) podcast.

Teppei began the “Nihongo con Teppei Z” podcast in October of 2021, after ‘ending’ another podcast that he was making. He releases an episode just about every few days on average. The number of episodes he releases each month varies from about 12 to 15 on average. It really is random, but he does continually post a lot of episodes. Most episodes average somewhere around 10 minutes long. With a few being only about 5 minutes, and some being as long at 20 minutes.

Again, topics on the “Nihongo con Teppei Z” podcast can be just about anything. Teppei is widely varied in what he chooses to discuss on each episode. I find him interesting to listen to. It does not sound like he is reading from a prepared script, it sounds like he is just randomly talking about a topic that he wants to talk about. He varies his talking speed, tone, and volume while he is talking. He is more interesting than other podcasters who do their podcasts solo. Highly recommended podcast for those that are at an intermediate level of Japanese. Teppei also posts these episodes on a YouTube channel, with episodes of the other podcasts that he does.

You can find the “Nihongo con Teppei Z” podcast at the following links:

Spotify: Nihongo con Teppei Z

Apple Podcasts: Nihongo con Teppei Z

YouTube: Con Teppei

Website: nihongoconteppeiz.com

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