Nあ〜 casual nihongo – Podcast Review

Here is an outstanding podcast for intermediate listeners to listen to in order to immerse yourself in Japanese.

Nあ〜 casual nihongo – A Japanese Podcast Review

“Nあ〜 casual nihongo” is an intermediate level podcast where you can listen to casual Japanese that is spoken in the Kansai area of Japan. I really like the format of this podcast, and it is worth listening to. But, before you read much further, know that there are only 48 episodes at the moment; and the last episode was published in July of 2021.

Each episode is around 10-15 minutes long. You will listen to a short conversation between 2 or 3 people about a variety of different topics. Then, Dai (maybe, I can’t really understand when he says his name) will break down the conversation and explain certain words or concepts, all in Japanese. Sometimes he will throw a short English explanation in if it is a really difficult translation. You can listen to topics like: work, family, losing a wallet and getting it back, dating, job hunting, and some others.

It does get difficult to understand what they are saying at times, because they are speaking at a normal conversational speed. Which means it is kind of fast. But, the podcaster will play the conversation, discuss and explain the grammar or vocabulary used, and then replay the conversation so that you can listen to it again to pick up things you might have missed.

Like mentioned earlier, I think it is still worth a listen as the topics are interesting and it is good practice. I would actually label this as an advanced podcast. Others may think it is more intermediate though.

You can find “Nあ〜 casual nihongo” at the below:

Spotify- Nあ〜 casual nihongo

Apple Podcasts- Nあ〜 casual nihongo