Momoko To Nihongo – A Japanese Podcast Review

Here is an outstanding podcast for beginners to listen to in order to immerse yourself in Japanese.

Momoko To Nihongo – A Japanese Podcast Review

“Momoko To Nihongo” is a podcast in which various levels of Japanese are used to discuss and present many different topics of discussion. Momoko mainly speaks Japanese in her podcasts, so they are good for immersion listening. She does not stick to one level of Japanese, and will often mark the podcasts as either beginner, intermediate, or advanced, as well as a JLPT level of N4 through N1.

The “Momoko To Nihongo” podcasts started in March of 2020, and it looks like there are about 165 episodes up to this point. Recently there are between 1 to 2 episodes each week, and they last from around 10 to 20 minutes. The first few episodes are the normal self introduction, and getting to know Momoko. She will sometimes discuss cultural topics and things in the news. Other times she will teach a Japanese word or grammar point. Every once in a while, she will have a guest on the podcast and they will have a conversation about that person’s occupation. When the podcast began, Momoko was living in Czechoslovakia. But now I believe she is back in Japan, or at least she was for a while. I have not listened to all of the podcasts yet.

Momoko is very interesting and speaks at a slower than normal pace. It is not unnaturally slow, so she is still enjoyable to listen to and it is easier to pick out different words. Also, it helps to keep up with the speaker when they speak a little bit slower than normal, or they just take a pause between statements. In addition, she has a website with transcripts of the podcasts; see the link below. She also plays slow music in the background at a level that is not distracting. I will definitely keep listening to this podcast.

Like other podcasters, Momoko also teaches Japanese through online lessons. Or, it is probably the other way around. Momoko is a Japanese teacher that has a podcast and a YouTube channel to showcase her skills and attract students. At least that is what I would do if I were a teacher of some kind. But it does not look like she has enough time to make videos, she only has 15 over the past year.
You can find “Momoko To Nihongo” at the below:

Spotify: Momoko To Nihongo

Apple Podcasts: Momoko To Nihongo

Website: Momoko To Nihongo

Podcast Transcripts: Momoko To Nihongo Transcripts

YouTube: Momoko To Nihongo YouTube Channel