“Sakura Tips – Listen to Japanese” – Japanese Language Learning Podcast Review

An intermediate Japanese language learning podcast.

“Sakura Tips – Listen to Japanese” – Japanese Language Learning Podcast Review

“Sakura Tips – Listen to Japanese” is a Japanese language learning podcast to assist you with learning Japanese and improving your listening skills. The host (or podcaster?) Mari, would like to help Japanese learners everyday with their listening practice. She talks a little slower than someone would in a normal conversation, so it is easy to understand the words that she is using. This is going to be an intermediate level Japanese language podcast, as Mari speaks entirely in Japanese.

Mari began putting out episodes of “Sakura Tips” in October of 2020. Even though the podcast description says “Everyday new episode”; there is not a new episode everyday. I understand releasing an episode everyday is pretty difficult. At this time, Mari has 507 episodes of “Listen to Japanese – Sakura Tips”; and she releases an episode just about every other day.

Each podcast is around 5 minutes in length or shorter. The topics that Mari discusses on the podcast include things like: overtime work, commuting, exercise, foods, seasons, Japanese idols, temples, beverages, religions, and many other Japan related topics. You can learn a lot of different things from listening to “Listen to Japanese – Sakura Tips”.

Mari also has a website where she posts transcripts of the podcast. She also has blog posts where she has other types of Japanese lessons; like how to learn hiragana and katakana. She describes a few different ‘roadmaps’ to learning Japanese. Mari also has published her own Japanese conversation textbooks. They are PDF files and include audio for the conversations. Mari also has a YouTube channel where she uploads her podcast episodes, as well as other ‘shorts’ that she puts on instagram.

You can find “Sakura Tips” at the following links:


Spotify: Sakura Tips

Apple Podcasts: Sakura Tips

YouTube: Sakura Tips

Instagram: sakura_tips_language