Let’s Talk in Japanese! – A Japanese Podcast Review

Here is a podcast for Japanese learners to listen to in order to hear a native teacher talk about many different topics in Japanese.

“Let’s Talk in Japanese!” – A Japanese Podcast Review

“Let’s Talk in Japanese!” is a Japanese podcast reviewing a variety of topics. The podcast host is a Japanese teacher that only speaks Japanese on the podcast. The podcast host’s name is Tomo. Since this podcast is entirely in Japanese, it is another resource for those looking for immersion, listening and comprehension practice. Tomo promises to have interesting topics, not boring topics like the ones that are in textbooks.

This podcast is great for Japanese language immersion. On “Let’s Talk in Japanese!” Tomo says that he will not use difficult Japanese, but will also not use easy Japanese. He also does not speak very fast, nor very slow. He keeps a good speaking pace so you can really understand the words that he is saying. Tomo has a variety of topics that he talks about in his podcasts, and they are interesting. He has a natural speaking pattern, and it does not sound like he is reading from a script like some other podcasts.  

Tomo started “Let’s Talk in Japanese!” in June of 2019. Episodes are released at a pace of between 2 and 5 episodes per month. As of right now, there are about 196 episodes. Each episode is around 10 to 20 minutes in length. Tomo marks each episode with a JLPT “N” level depending on the level of Japanese that he uses in the episode. So this podcast has episodes for all different levels of Japanese language learners. As before though, I would say that it is not for absolute beginners, as it is all in Japanese. You have to know a good amount to be able to understand at least a little of what he is talking about. So, I would say “Let’s Talk in Japanese!” is good for intermediate level Japanese language and above.

If you want to practice reading Japanese also, Tomo posts podcast transcripts in Japanese on a website. Although, the last transcript that I could find posted was episode 152. So, a little behind with the transcripts, since episode 152 was released in May 2021.

You can find links to his podcast on his website for Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, and other podcast aggregators.

You can find “Let’s Talk in Japanese!” at the website: Let’s Talk in Japanese