“Learn Japanese with Masa Sensei” – Podcast for Japanese Language Learning Review

Here is a great beginner Japanese language learning podcast for you to get started on your journey learning Japanese.

“Learn Japanese with Masa Sensei” – Podcast for Japanese Language Learning Review

The “Learn Japanese with Masa Sensei” podcast for Japanese language learning is a beginner level Japanese language podcast. Masa sensei has been teaching Japanese on YouTube videos for the last four years. Her podcast is for complete beginners to the Japanese language. She mostly speaks in English on each episode, and teaches you Japanese through explaining some easy words and pronunciations. For example, in the first episode, she focuses on Japanese greetings, introductions, and words that Japanese people use to describe people from different countries.

Other topics of Masa sensei’s podcast episodes are things like: how to make negative sentences, demonstrative words (this and that), pronouns for places (here, there, over there), present and past tense verb forms, expressions for time, some of the most used particles (の、に、は), and many more. Even though this podcast is mainly for beginners, intermediate learners can maybe pick up a thing or two that they missed, or have forgotten about due to infrequent usage. This is a very good podcast to listen to when you need a break from listening to content that is completely in Japanese. It is also great for a general review of what you have already learned.

Masa sensei began posting episodes of the “Learn Japanese with Masa Sensei” podcast in May of 2021. She currently has released 121 episodes of the podcast. Since January of 2022, she has been releasing 2 episodes each week. During 2021, she averaged between 4 to 8 episodes each month; with the exception of many more episodes released during June and July of 2021. Masa sensei is a great teacher and this podcast is highly recommended, especially for beginners. Again though, intermediate level learners could probably still learn a new thing or two, especially in the more recent podcasts. You can find the “Learn Japanese with Masa Sensei” podcast at the following links:

Spotify: Learn Japanese with Masa Sensei

Apple Podcasts: Learn Japanese with Masa Sensei

YouTube: Masa Sensei

Instagram: ​​masasensei