“Learn Japanese w/Manga Sensei” – A Japanese Podcast Review

Here is a podcast for beginner Japanese language learners to learn about Japanese grammar, nouns, verbs, and particles from an English speaker.

“Learn Japanese w/Manga Sensei” – A Japanese Podcast Review

“Learn Japanese w/Manga Sensei” is a beginner Japanese Language podcast that focuses a lot on grammar, verbs, adjectives, and particles. Manga Sensei is not a native Japanese speaker, and explains Japanese while speaking English. I’ll also mention this up front before you start listening: Manga Sensei has not put out a podcast since April of 2020. His last post on Instagram was in October of 2020. In addition, the website is no longer available

Manga Sensei put out a short, approximately five minute, episode every Monday through Friday. So, there are over 600 episodes available. He says his podcast is good for studying for the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test). Since his episodes are five minutes, or less, he does speak very fast. And the podcasts feel rushed. Anyway, still worth a listen if you are a beginner, especially if you skip the 30-day challenge episodes.

If you’d like to listen:

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