“Learn Japanese @Satominchi” – Podcast for Japanese Language Learning Review

This podcast is a great Japanese language podcast for learning the nuances of certain Japanese words and phrases.

“Learn Japanese @Satominchi” – Podcast for Japanese Language Learning Review

The “Learn Japanese @Satominchi” Podcast for Japanese language learning is for intermediate Japanese language learners. Satomi is a certified tutor who teaches on Preply.com, and wants to help people learn Japanese. She speaks entirely in Japanese, with a few English words thrown in here and there. I know that you probably don’t listen to podcasts for the background music, but she has some and it is enjoyable music that doesn’t take away from her voice. She speaks at a normal pace, and it is still easy to understand what she is saying.

The podcast focuses on short Japanese phrases or sayings, and grammar points. Examples are “give and take”, “from first to last”, “from highest to lowest”, and other phrases like that. Another example of an episode topic is “四苦八苦” (しくはっく) which is used to mean “to have difficulty doing something”. On another episode you can learn the meaning of “流れに任せる” (ながれにまかせる). This means “to go with the flow”. Wouldn’t it be great to know how to say “as much as I’d like to” in Japanese? All of the podcast episodes are about phrases and grammar like the above examples.

Satomi started the “Learn Japanese @Satominchi” podcast in April of 2021, and she currently has 76 episodes. She uploads episodes about once weekly, and each episode is around 3 to 5 minutes long. She also has a website where she posts transcripts of each podcast so that you can follow along reading if you like. At the top of each episode’s transcript page, there is also a video of the podcast episode. She uses the ‘whiteboard’ style where the video is a cartoon drawing on a whiteboard. I find this helps a lot as you get a visual of what she is explaining, and I think that this helps with learning. So, it may be better to watch these videos on her website, if you can, instead of listening to the podcast. The only unfortunate thing is that while the videos are YouTube videos, her channel is not public, and you can only watch the videos on her website.

Anyway, I really like listening to this podcast, watching the videos, and reading along with the transcript that is posted.

You can find the “Learn Japanese @Satominchi” podcast at the following links:

Spotify: Learn Japanese @Satominchi

Apple Podcasts: Learn Japanese @Satominchi

Website: satominchi.com