“Learn Japanese Pod” – A Japanese Podcast Review

Here is a podcast for beginner Japanese language learners to learn about Japanese grammar, nouns, and word usage.

“Learn Japanese Pod” – A Japanese Podcast Review

“Learn Japanese Pod” is a Japanese language learning podcast for beginners/upper beginners. The episodes start out with a dialogue in Japanese that is often repeated, and then Alex discusses the grammar and Japanese words with a native Japanese speaker. Those dialogues also repeat certain words in order for you to hear them again and again to assist with remembering the words. This podcast largely focuses on ‘casual’ Japanese, although they also address the ‘formal’ Japanese that is taught in textbooks. The Japanese dialogues are only a short part of each episode. The rest of the episodes are Alex, and Asuka or Ami, discussing the grammar in English.

Since a lot of the podcasts are in English, it is easy for beginners to understand. The only downside of this podcast are the infrequent and irregular podcast episodes. Alex started this podcast in August of 2015, and as of right now only has 40 regular episodes. Also, a lot of these episodes are the dialogues only; which are only a few minutes in length. So what we have are 20 podcasts that are only a few minutes of Japanese dialogue. The other 20 podcasts are the discussions of the grammar and words in those dialogues. The good thing is that these episodes, which discuss and explain the dialogue episodes, are between 30 minutes and an hour long. In addition, there are also a number of “Fun Friday” podcasts (19 at this time) where Alex might interview someone, or discuss a certain topic.

Even though there aren’t that many episodes, they are very well done and explain a lot of Japanese grammar and culture. Alex does great with his Japanese pronunciation, when he is speaking during the dialogues. Take some time to listen to this podcast if you are a beginner, want to learn some Japanese culture, and would like to learn casual Japanese.

You can find “Learn Japanese Pod” at the website here: https://learnjapanesepod.com/

The page has transcripts of the dialogues spoken in the podcasts, links to where you can find the episodes on you favorite player, and a kana game that you can use to learn/study Japanese kana.