“Lazy Fluency” Bilingual Japanese English Listening Practice Podcast

This is a great podcast for listening to, whether you are studying Japanese or English and want some listening practice.

“Lazy Fluency” Bilingual Japanese English Listening Practice Podcast

The “Lazy Fluency” podcast is a bilingual Japanese and English podcast for all levels of Japanese and English learners. The podcast features both Japanese and English, obviously. Much of the time on this podcast, the native English speaker uses English and the native Japanese speaker uses Japanese. But sometimes they switch it up and they each speak the non-native language.

Joey and Ayami have conversations about various topics. They normally speak their native language during their conversations. So, during their conversations, Joey will speak English and Ayami will speak Japanese. Sometimes they switch it up and speak the opposite language. But, normally they almost always will hold the conversation in the two languages. They don’t both speak Japanese or English during their discussions. Very similar to “Bilingual News” if you have ever listened to that podcast. But, the “Lazy Fluency” is not focused on news, they just talk about various topics.

Joey and Ayami began releasing episodes of the “Lazy Fluency” podcast in February of 2022, and currently have only 23 episodes. They have been releasing about one episode each week, and each episode lasts around 45 minutes to an hour. They talk about many different topics, and I’m sure you’ll find an interesting episode to listen to. They also have a YouTube channel where they post their podcasts. Most are only the audio, but the most recent podcast was posted as live video to the channel.

I like listening to this podcast, as it is different than listening to straight Japanese all the time. You can use this as a ‘starting’ podcast to ease into listening to Japanese if you are used to it yet. You can find the “Lazy Fluency” podcast on the following links:

Spotify: Lazy Fluency Podcast

Apple Podcasts: Lazy Fluency Podcast

YouTube: Lazy Fluency Podcast