“Laid-Back Japanese” – Podcast for Japanese Language Learning Review

“Laid-Back Japanese” Podcast for Japanese language learning is a great beginner level podcast for learning about the Japanese language.

“Laid-Back Japanese” – Podcast for Japanese Language Learning Review

The “Laid-Back Japanese” Podcast for Japanese language learning is for beginner Japanese language learners. This is a podcast produced by the NativShark company. So, you will encounter a number of commercials for NativShark and mentions of the program during the podcast conversations. If you can put up with that, it is a very good podcast. The hosts, Ty and Chie, speak both English and Japanese on this podcast. They speak English most of the time, as they explain the Japanese grammar or phrases that they are focusing on for the episode.

Chie and Ty first started the “Laid-Back Japanese” podcast episodes in January of 2021, and there are a total of 61 episodes, as of the latest episode in February of 2022. That episode in February of 2022 is a flashback episode of their favorite episodes. They announced on that episode that Ty would not be on the podcast anymore. So, it has now been 4 months since that episode, with no new episodes. The episodes that were made are an average of 20 to 30 minutes in length. They talked about very interesting, and useful, aspects of the Japanese language.

The “Laid-Back Japanese” podcast is worth a listen if you are a beginner. The opening music is great, and these two hosts have great voices and laughs. They make the topics and conversation interesting. It is great for an enjoyable study break, as they follow the title of the podcast, and each episode is ‘laid-back’. They are just taking a break from difficult study, and taking it easy for a bit.

You can find the “Laid-Back Japanese” podcast at the following links:

Spotify: Laid-Back Japanese

Apple Podcasts: Laid-Back Japanese