“Kyotopia Podcast” – Bilingual Japanese English Podcast Review

An intermediate Japanese and English bilingual podcast.

“Kyotopia Podcast” – Bilingual Japanese English Podcast Review

January 1, 2023 update: Sometime in early 2022, this turned into a podcast that is mainly in English and Yuko is rarely on the show. In addition, the content has mainly moved to Patreon and paid access. Although Micah still posts episodes every once in a while, and sometimes there is Japanese language on the episodes, there are not many episodes available on normal streaming platforms. For example, there are currently only 7 episodes available on Spotify. As new episodes are posted, the old ones are removed. I don’t listen to this podcast any longer….

“Kyotopia Podcast” is a bilingual Japanese and English language podcast to assist you with learning Japanese (and English!). Even though Micah says that this is an intermediate podcast, I would label it as an upper beginner. While Yuko pretty much only speaks Japanese, Micah also pretty much only speaks English. So even if you don’t understand all of the Japanese that Yuko is using, Micah will provide the other half of the conversation in English, and you can pick up on things by what he says when he responds. They sometimes may repeat each other so that you can really learn something, but most of the time they are having a conversation and are not just repeating what the other says in their own language.

Yuko and Micah both live in Kyoto, as you probably gathered from the name of the podcast. The goal of this podcast is to help language learners break past the ‘intermediate barrier’ of either Japanese or English. They discuss topics centered around language, culture, music, and events around Kyoto. SInce that is where they both live, you can expect a lot of talk about Kyoto. They both speak very clearly, and not too fast, so you can really understand what they are saying.

This is a great podcast to listen to when you get tired of focusing on grammar, or trying to figure out what is going on when you are listening to something entirely in Japanese, or listening to just one person talking the entire length of their podcast episodes. It is nice to have the back and forth of a conversation when you are practicing your listening skills. This podcast was started in July of 2021, and they began with putting out one episode a week. But, the bad part is that they have recently slowed down and are putting out about two episodes or so each month. They now have only 41 episodes. They also have a YouTube channel, but stopped uploading the podcasts to it about 8 months ago.

You can find “Kyotopia Podcast” at the following:

Spotify: Kyotopia Podcast

Apple Podcasts: Kyotopia Podcast

Linktree: kyotopiajapan