“Kevinvin Sleepy Japanese” – Japanese Language Learning Podcast Review

An intermediate Japanese language podcast that will help you learn more Japanese by listening to topics in Japanese.

“Kevinvin Sleepy Japanese” Podcast – Japanese Language Learning Podcast Review

“Kevinvin Sleepy Japanese” is an intermediate level Japanese language podcast. “Kevinvin” is Japanese Norwegian and was born in Tokyo, Japan. He now lives in Norway and is teaching Japanese. He speaks entirely in Japanese in the podcast episodes. Listen to this podcast and you will see why he put ‘sleepy’ in the title. I think there will be more than a few women that will love this podcast. Kevinvin has a deep voice and speaks slowly, hence the reason for the word ‘sleepy’ in the title. He also sings in a few episodes, and is pretty good at it. Make sure you have some good energy before listening to this podcast.

Kevin started releasing episodes of the “Kevinvin Sleepy Japanese” podcast in January of 2021, and now has about 55 episodes. So that is a little less than one episode each week. He slowed down towards the end of last year, but is back on track with an episode each week. Regular episodes are around ten to thirty minutes in length. Every once in a while, Kevin has a special episode where he interviews someone, talks to someone, or just does something different than talking by himself.

Kevin doesn’t really teach you anything about the Japanese language on this podcast. He just talks about different subjects that he wants to talk about. And sometimes he sings (this episode). The “Kevinvin Sleepy Japanese” Podcast is still worth listening to. Maybe it will be really interesting for you. And interesting is what everyone needs to continue learning the language that they are studying. He talks about different things going on in the world, or in his life. There is an episode about how he was an interpreter at a “Cheese World Cup”, and a few episodes about how he speaks 4 different languages.

You can find the “Kenvinvin Sleepy Japanese” podcast at the following links:

Spotify: Kenvinvin Sleepy Japanese

Apple Podcasts: Kenvinvin Sleepy Japanese