Kanji Reading Practice #42 – Park Signs 動物愛護法

Practice reading Japanese Kanji with posts tagged by WaniKani Level in which the kanji appear. The goal is to see kanji that you have learned more often to aid long term memory. You could encounter a sign like this in any Japanese park.

Kanji Reading Practice #42 – Park Signs 動物愛護法

Here is a new sign that I saw a few weeks ago in a park. This one is informing you that doing a certain thing here, well anywhere in Japan, is a criminal act. It is also not a very humane thing to do. The second half of the sign though, is just a suggestion. I’ll have to do some research and see if doing that thing really has a negative effect.

Kanji Reading Practice #42 – Park Signs 動物愛護法 has kanji from WaniKani levels 35 and below. See down below the photo for the explanations of the kanji readings and meanings if you don’t already know them. Hopefully you do already know them. This is for practice and an opportunity to see the kanji over and over again for memory.



The Kanji:

捨    猫    犬    犯    罪    行    為    動    物    愛    護    法    可    無    責    任    与


The Kanji Readings (this usage) and Meanings:

捨 (す) – throw away

猫 (ねこ) – cat

犬 (いぬ) – dog

犯 (ハン) – crime

罪 (ザイ) – guilt; crime; sin

行 (コウ) – carry out; going; journey

為 (イ) – sake; serve as; do; change

動 (ドウ) – move; motion

物 (ブツ) – thing; object

愛 (アイ) – love; affection

護 (ゴ) – protect; safeguard; defend

法 (ホウ) – method; law; rule; principle

可 (カ) – possible; can;

無 (ム) – nothing; none; not

責 (セキ) – blame

任 (ニン) – duty; responsibility

与 (ヨ) – give; bestow; participate

The Words:

捨て猫 (すてねこ) – abandoned cat

捨て犬 (すていぬ) – adandoned dog

犯罪行為 (はんざいこうい) – criminal act

動物愛護法 (どうぶつあいごほう) – animal protection law

可愛い (かわいい) – cute

といって – because; however; as

無責任 (むせきにん)

エサ (餌) – (animal) food; bait

与えない – don’t give

ください – please

The Meaning:


Abandoning cats and dogs is a criminal act!


Animal Protection Law


Please do not feeds cats irresponsibly just because they are cute.

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