Kanji Reading Practice #41 – Hiking Signs ここは国有林です

Practice reading Japanese Kanji with posts tagged by WaniKani Level in which the kanji appear. The goal is to see kanji that you have learned more often to aid long term memory. You could encounter a sign like this in any area of the Japanese countryside.

Kanji Reading Practice #41 – Hiking Signs ここは国有林です

Here we have another sign that you would likely see while hiking in Japan. This sign has very important instructions for those hiking, and walking, through the woods. We want to see nature when we go hiking, not a bunch of trash or a burnt up landscape.

Kanji Reading Practice #41 – Park Signs ここは国有林です has kanji from WaniKani levels 22 and below. See down below the photo for the explanations of the kanji readings and meanings if you don’t already know them. Hopefully you do already know them. This is for practice and an opportunity to see the kanji over and over again for memory.



The Kanji:

国    有    林    歩    吸    空    自    分    持    帰


The Kanji Readings (this usage) and Meanings:

国 (コク) – country

有 (ユウ) – have

林 (リン) – forest

歩 (ある) – walk

吸 (キュウ) – suck, inhale

投 (な) – throw

空 (クウ) – empty, sky

自 (ジ) – self

分 (ブン) – part

持 (も) – hold

帰 (かえ) – return

The Words:

国有林 (こくゆうりん) – National Forest

歩き (あるき) – walk, walking

タバコ – tobacco, cigarette

吸 (すう) – smoke

投げすて (なげすて) – to throw away (could also be 投げ捨て)

空カン (くうかん) – empty can

空ビン (くうびん) – empty bottle

自分 (じぶん) – (by) yourself

ゴミ – garbage

持ち (もち) – having, holding

帰り (かえり) – return, come back (return home)

The Meaning:

ここは国有林です – This is a National forest

歩きながらのタバコや吸がらの、投げすてはやめましょう。 – Please do not smoke while walking or throw cigarette butts away.

空カン 空ビンなど自分のゴミは自分で持ち帰りましょう。 – Take home your trash, such as empty cans and empty bottles.

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