Kanji Reading Practice #38 – Hiking Signs 路肩注意

Practice reading Japanese Kanji with posts tagged by WaniKani Level in which the kanji appear. The goal is to see kanji that you have learned more often to aid long term memory. You will encounter these kanji when hiking, or driving mountain roads in Japan.

Kanji Reading Practice #38 – Hiking Signs 路肩注意

Here is another sign that you may encounter in the Japan outdoors while hiking. Or even driving, if you are adventurous enough to drive on the tiny roads with steep cliffs and falling rocks, while trying to find another mountain to hike. I am always nervous driving on roads like that. Not only because of the falling rocks, or steep drop offs at the road’s edge, but because there is not much you can do if you meet a vehicle coming in the opposite direction. Sure, some of these roads will have tiny little spots on the roads where it widens enough for two cars to pass, but sometimes there are a good distance from each other. This means one of the vehicles will have to back up to get to the area that is wider so that one vehicle can get by the other.

Kanji Reading Practice #38 – Hiking Signs 路肩注意 has kanji from WaniKani levels 24 and below. See down below the photo for the explanations of the kanji readings and meanings if you don’t already know them. Hopefully you do already know them. This is for practice and an opportunity to see the kanji over and over again for memory. You’ve seen these kanji in other KRP posts, maybe even the exact same way but on a different sign.



The Kanji:

路    肩    注    意


The Kanji Readings (this usage) and Meanings:

路 (ロ) – road; route; path

肩 (かた) – shoulder

注 (ちゅう) – pour

意 (い) – idea

The Words:

路肩 (ろかた) – road shoulder; path shoulder

注意 (ちゅうい) – caution

The Meaning:

路肩 注意 Be cautious of the (road/path) shoulder.

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