“Japanese with Shun” – Japanese Language Learning Podcast Review

An beginner Japanese Language Learning podcast that helps you out with Japanese phrases.

“Japanese with Shun” Podcast – Japanese Language Learning Podcast Review

“Japanese with Shun” is an upper beginner Japanese language learning podcast. The podcast host’s name is, of course, Shun. Shun speaks entirely in Japanese throughout each episode of the podcast. He speaks very clearly and slow enough to easily understand each word that he is saying. Shun uses basic Japanese in this podcast, anyone that has been through at least one of the more famous textbooks for learning the Japanese language should be able to understand almost all of what Shun is talking about in each episode of the “Japanese with Shun” podcast. In fact, his podcast description says that he mostly uses Japanese from Genki 1, and sometimes from Genki 2 as well. I think the podcast is easy to understand for beginners.

Shun began releasing episodes of the “Japanese with Shun” podcast in January of 2021. He releases each episode approximately every two or three days. Most recently, during April and May of 2022 so far, he has only released one episode each week. Each episode is approximately seven to 10 minutes long. As of the writing of this post, there are 167 episodes of the podcast.

Shun talks about a variety of subjects on the “Japanese with Shun” podcast. Using Japanese words that can be found in the Genki 1 & 2 textbooks, he talks about things like: friends, family, work, dreams, backpacking, and many other topics about daily life. Shun does have a Patreon where you can obtain transcripts of his podcasts if you donate monthly. He also has a YouTube channel where he uploads the podcasts. This is a highly recommended podcast as I really enjoy listening to Shun. I highly recommend his YouTube channel as well. Along with the “Japanese with Shun” podcast, he posts another podcast that he does, and will sometimes post random videos of him talking to other Japanese people.

You can find the “Japanese with Shun” podcast at the following links:

Spotify: Japanese with Shun

Apple Podcasts: Japanese with Shun

YouTube: Japanese with Shun

Patreon: Japanese with Shun