“Japanese 鬼 Shadowing Challenge” – Japanese Language Learning Podcast Review

An intermediate Japanese language podcast that will help you learn Japanese pronunciation and intonation.

“Japanese 鬼 Shadowing Challenge” Podcast – Japanese Language Learning Podcast Review

“Japanese 鬼 Shadowing Challenge” with Shiro Kuro PaPa is an intermediate level Japanese language learning podcast. The goal of this podcast, by “Shiro Kuro PaPa” (しろくろパパ) is to help you learn how to pronounce Japanese by shadowing a native speaker. Shiro Kuro PaPa speaks slower, natural, Japanese phrases and then gives you a few seconds of silence so that you can repeat those phrases. The podcasts are entirely in Japanese, and he speaks clearly while giving you the proper intonation and pronunciation of Japanese words. If you were not already aware of what 鬼 means, it means demon or devil in Japanese.

Shiro Kuro PaPa has links, in each of the podcast episodes, to his twitter account where he posts transcripts of the phrases. He also posts pictures of the phrases with intonation marks throughout the phrases. He also has a website where he posts transcripts of the phrases, an explanation of grammar points used, and vocabulary lists of words used in the episode.

The “Japanese 鬼 Shadowing Challenge” podcast episodes where first published in January of 2021. Shiro Kuro PaPa releases around three or four episodes each month, and they are anywhere from 8 to 20 minutes in length on average. Occasionally an episode may be much longer, or he may skip a week here and there. Currently, there are about 58 episodes of the “Japanese 鬼 Shadowing Challenge” podcast. They are a good podcast to listen to if you want to practice your pronunciation and intonation skills.

You can find the “Japanese 鬼 Shadowing Challenge” podcast at the following links:

Spotify: Japanese 鬼 Shadowing Challenge

Apple Podcasts: Japanese 鬼 Shadowing Challenge

Website: shirokuropapa.com

Twitter: shirokuropapajp