“HOTCAST” – A Japanese Podcast Review

Here is a podcast for intermediate/advanced Japanese language learners for practice listening to spoken Japanese.

“HOTCAST” – A Japanese Podcast Review

“HOTCAST” is a Japanese podcast, in the Japanese language, where the hosts talk about a variety of everyday topics every week. This is a great podcast for intermediate/advanced Japanese language learners to listen to everyday Japanese. Michi and Kumu host this show and are easy to understand. Even though this podcast is meant for Japanese listeners, they speak clearly and it is easy to pick up separate words.

“HOTCAST” episodes are published pretty much every week. The podcast began in 2015, and they are now up to episode #838. Most of the episodes are somewhere around 30 minutes to 1 hour in length, although some do go longer than 1 hour. They say that they discuss “hot” topics related to everyday life like: food and alcohol, the community, hobbies, society, IT, and more. The format is a conversation between two native Japanese speakers. This makes it great for practicing your listening skills, learning about the way Japanese conversation take place, and how Japanese is spoken naturally. Great for getting away from those Japanese textbook examples, and the formal language. Learn how to speak conversational Japanese.

They have a website, but it is all in Japanese. There is a lot of content on the website. There is a post for each episode, which do contain a lot of Japanese text for reading practice. There is also a supporters section if you would like to support them. Along with a ‘goods’ section where they sell some t-shirts and other products with the podcasts logo and other things. You can find the website here: HOTCAST


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