“EASY JAPANESE PODCAST” – Japanese Language Learning Podcast Review

An intermediate Japanese language learning podcast that I really like.

“EASY JAPANESE PODCAST” – Japanese Language Learning Podcast Review

“EASY JAPANESE PODCAST” is a Japanese language learning podcast to assist you with learning Japanese at an intermediate level. The host, Masa, wants to help Japanese learners, and describes his podcast as a beginner level at N3. I would rate this an intermediate podcast, because he only speaks Japanese. I would describe it as intermediate, maybe upper beginner, as you need to have a good grasp of verb conjugations, adjectives, and a lot of grammar to understand what he is talking about. Masa talks at an average pace, not too fast and not too slow, so he is easy to understand. He also speaks clearly.

Masa began uploading episodes of the “EASY JAPANESE PODCAST” podcast back in January of 2021, and he is still going strong at this time. He has 348 episodes as of the date of this post. Most of the episodes are around 10 to 15 minutes in length, but every once in a while you’ll get one that is around 30 minutes long. Masa releases a podcast just about every day. The podcast description says that he talks about everyday topics in easy and natural Japanese. Some episode topics are: easy and small morning talk, talking about getting a haircut, how to count things, talking about sake, how to apologize, and many other things.

There is also an “EASY JAPANESE PODCAST” podcast YouTube channel where Masa has uploaded all of the podcast episodes. I have not listened to all of his podcasts yet, but at some point Asami joined the podcast, so now there is actual conversation between two people. This makes it more interesting for me. With two people, you are not just listening to one person telling a story; you are listening to two people having a conversation. I think this also helps a lot with understanding Japanese culture and how people interact with each other. At the end of January 2022, Masa and Asami started filming the podcasts, and now they are uploaded to the channel with video of them talking with each other. Go subscribe! They only have 4k subscribers at this time.

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Linktree: linktr.ee/easyjapanese