“Crazy Japanese Culture” – Japanese Language Learning Podcast Review

An upper beginner Japanese language podcast that will help you learn more Japanese.

“Crazy Japanese Culture” Podcast – Japanese Language Learning Podcast Review

“Crazy Japanese Culture” is a beginner Japanese language learning podcast. The podcast host Ken Sensei, and he wants to bring you crazy Japanese culture that you have never heard of. I label this as a beginner level Japanese podcast, because Ken speaks a few words in Japanese, and then will say the English equivalent after that. Sometimes he may say a full sentence before providing the English, or he only says a word or two and then provides the English translation. This is the way he does it the first few episodes, so some may have a little trouble listening to him speak this way. Other than that, it is a great podcast. On some later episodes, he does go all out with Japanese and says most of what he has to say in Japanese first, and then he follows that up with short phrases and the English translation of those phrases.

On the “Crazy Japanese Culture” podcast, Ken Sensei doesn’t really talk about anything too crazy, just normal aspects of Japan that may not be normal in other countries. If you like Japan at all, probably already know most of the topics that Ken talks about. Things like: how expensive is it to live in Tokyo?, facts about bathing in Japan, the Christmas and KFC phenomenon, and other things about Japanese culture.

Ken Sensei started the “Crazy Japanese Culture” podcast in January of 2021, and each episode is about ten to twenty minutes long. The description of the podcast says that he will release one episode every week. He follows that schedule pretty well, except that he only released one episode in April of 2021 and January of 2022. Additionally, there hasn’t been a new episode since March 24th, 2022. Ken is a full time teacher, has an instagram where he teaches Japanese, and announce in April 2021 that he started working on a website where he will provide Japanese lessons. So he is a little busy.

You can find the “Crazy Japanese Culture” podcast at the following links:

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