“Azumi’s Easy Japanese Small Talk” – A Japanese Learning Podcast Review

Here is an upper beginner/intermediate level podcast for you to level up your Japanese listening skills.

“Azumi’s Easy Japanese Small Talk” – A Japanese Podcast Review

“Azumi’s Easy Japanese Small Talk” is a Japanese language podcast to assist you with learning Japanese. The podcast description says that she reads a news story from NHK’s “News Web Easy” each episode, and that each episode is about 20 minutes. She says that she spends about the first 5 minutes with small talk, and then reading the news story at a beginner level. Then, Azumi spends the next 15 minutes discussing the news story at an N4 level. And next, after those 20 minutes, she will provide more background, or information, for intermediate learners. In reality, the beginning episodes are much shorter, and somewhere around the beginning of 2020 the episodes start hitting 15-20 minutes in length.

Azumi started the podcast in July of 2019, and she now has around 463 ‘full’ episodes. Recently, she has been putting out some short, 1 minute or so, pronunciation episodes; and once in a while she will do a ‘free talk’ with someone. These episodes sometimes last longer than 20 minutes, and can go up to 45 minutes.

Azumi is easy to understand. She speaks clearly and at a good pace. She does not speak slower than normal, so she is easy to listen to. You can expect an episode of “Azumi’s Easy Japanese Small Talk” about every 2 or 3 days; although there have been longer breaks between episodes. She has been averaging about 8 to 14 episodes each month.

Azumi has a website here: https://www.azumiism.com/

Her website has posts about her podcast, posts about learning languages, and posts about other topics. She also has posts on Twitter, and puts up videos on YouTube. Check it out, she has a lot of videos, but only a little over 200 subscribers.

You can find “Azumi’s Easy Japanese Small Talk” here:

Spotify: Azumi’s Easy Japanese Small Talk

Apple Podcasts: Azumi’s Easy Japanese Small Talk

Twitter: Azumiism

YouTube: Azumiism