Suntory Whisky Highball Commercial with Haruka Igawa, Ryo Kase, and Kei Tanaka #6

Watch Igawa Haruka serve some Suntory Whisky highballs, and karage, to Kase Ryo and Tanaka Kei.

Suntory Whisky Highball Commercial with 井川遥, 加瀬亮, 田中圭  #6

Here is another Suntory Whisky Highball Commercial with some famous Japanese ‘talents’. 井川 遥 (Igawa Haruka), is a Japanese actress and former gravure idol. Gravure is a Japanese word for photos that usually appear in magazines, are provocative and suggestive, are directed at men, but are very rarely nude. 加瀬 亮 (Kase Ryo), and 田中 圭 (Tanaka Kei) are Japanese actors. It appears that Haruka’s bar is sponsored by Suntory Whisky, as that is all that she has on the shelves behind her.

This time we have “ハイ&カラアゲ, highball and karage. Karage is the number one delicious Japanese fried chicken. Karage goes great with beer also, and is one of the more popular foods at small restaurants and street food stalls. You will also often find karage at festivals. Well, you can find karage almost everywhere in Japan. The 30 second and 15 second versions are below for you to enjoy.