Asahi Super Dry Beer Commercial 新辛口生 (shin karakuchi nama)

Asahi Super Dry Beer Commercial 新辛口生 (shin karakuchi), or “new dry draft” beer

Asahi Super Dry Beer Commercial 新辛口生

The Asahi Super Dry Beer Commercials have not been very innovative lately. Pretty much all of the recent commercials feature the song “Wonder” by One OK Rock. Asahi changed the way it brews Asahi Super Dry earlier this year, and thus also changed the taste of the beer. Not everyone is a fan. I think it tastes alright, and Asahi Super Dry is one of the best selling beers in Japan. The commercials make sure to feature the beer. Everything in this commercial is a dull color, or in shadows, except for the glass of beer. It is like the beer shines, putting all of your focus on the beer and making it look like it tastes really good.

The 新辛口生 (しん からくち なま)is basically the kanji for “new dry draft beer”. You will often see 辛口 on 日本酒, or にほんしゅ (nihonshu, or “sake” for all us foreigners). 辛口 usually describes the general, overall, flavor of an alcohol as being “dry” or “spicy”. But spicy here does not mean a hot burning flavor like spicy foods.