Walking Around Shiroyama – Iwakuni

Here is a nice walk along the Nishiki river and around Shiroyama in Iwakuni City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan.

Walking Around Shiroyama – Iwakuni

This is a nice uninterrupted walk around Shiroyama and the Nishiki river. This walk follows a paved path along a road that winds around Shiroyama, and is mostly in between the road and the river. You can’t see much of the river because it is a very wide river bed, and the river is blocked by trees and bamboo from the road. The walk is quiet, you’ll meet a few people walking, running, or riding bikes out here. You can start at the Kintai Bridge while walking around Shiroyama, and you will turn around out near the Iwakuni interchange for the Sanyo Expressway. You will walk under the Sanyo Expressway on the way.

There are signs with kilometer markers to show how far you have gone. Beware of the spider webs, there are very many out here. And if you are a foreigner, you are likely taller than most Japanese. So, there may be a few spider webs that you will run into because they weren’t cleared away by a previous walker/runner.

Click on the title to see the route, and download it, on Wikiloc. The elevation on the route it definitely out of whack, and it pretty much descends the entire walk, but it is a ‘return to start’ walk. So, that is impossible. Sometimes it is difficult to get a GPS connection out here due to the tree cover and the high mountains.


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