Kanji Reading Practice #27 – Products 1 年中快適キレイ

Practice reading Japanese Kanji with posts tagged by WaniKani Level in which the kanji appear. The goal is to see kanji that you have learned more often to aid long term memory.

Kanji Reading Practice #27 – Products 1 年中快適キレイ

Another sign in a Japanese store called “Nittori”. This store sells a lot of home furnishings and small appliances. Everything from cookware (pots, pans, blenders, etc.) to furniture and carpets. Using this kanji reading practice may help you pick out some curtains for your apartment or house. See down below the photo for the kanji meanings, readings, and an explanation of the words. Kanji Reading Practice #27 – Products 1 年中快適キレイ includes kanji from WaniKani levels 30 and below.



The Kanji:

年    中    快    適    花    粉


The Kanji Readings and Meanings (this usage):

年 (ネン) – year

中 (チュウ) – middle; center; inside

快 (カイ) – pleasant; comfortable; agreeable

適 (テキ) – suitable

花 (カ) – flower

粉 (フン) – powder; dust; flour

The Words:

年中 (ねんじゅう) – whole year; all year round; throughout the year

快適 (かいてき) – comfortable; agreeable; pleasant

キレイ – clean

花粉 (かふん) – pollen

ホコリ – dust (see footnote 埃)

しっかり – firmly; strongly; tightly

キャッチ – catch

The Meaning:

1 年中快適キレイ

Comfortable and clean all year round.


Firmly catch pollen and dust.



  1. There is a kanji (埃), but it is not in WaniKani. Maybe the kanji isn’t used much, and katakana is used more often?


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