Kanji Reading Practice #20 – Curry Sauce Packet Part 3

Practice reading Japanese Kanji with posts tagged by WaniKani Level in which the kanji appear. The goal is to see kanji that you have learned more often to aid long term memory.

Curry Sauce packet instructions

Kanji Reading Practice #20 – Curry Sauce Packet Part 3

This time we are going to have some Kanji Reading Practice with a Curry Sauce Packet. Let’s learn how to read some instructions, in Japanese, for heating up a curry sauce packet in a microwave. Be careful! The contents are hot! See down below the photo for the kanji meanings, readings, and an explanation of the words.

Curry Sauce Packet Instructions in Japanese


The Kanji:

蒸      気      口      注      意      持


The Kanji Readings and Meanings (this usage):

蒸 (ジョウ) – steam

気 (キ) – energy; spirit

口 (ぐち) –  mouth

注 (チュウ) – pour

意 (イ) – idea

持 (も) – hold


The Words:

蒸気口 (じょうきぐち) – steam vent

やけど – burn; scald (usually written in kana but can be 火傷)

注意 (ちゅうい) – caution; attention; warning; heed

あけくち – open here (open mouth)

持つ (もつ) – hold (here)

The Meaning:

蒸気口 – steam vent

やけどに注意 – beware of burns

あけくち – open here

持つ – hold here


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**I tagged this Kanji Reading Practice as WaniKani Level Painful and lower (20 and below) becuase 5 out of the 6 kanji are lower than WaniKani level 20. Only one of the kanji is level 33, which is the reason I also tagged it with WaniKani Level Hell and lower (40 and below).