Kanji Reading Practice #17 – Cute Park Sign

Kanji reading practice with pictures of everyday items containing Kanji.

Kanji Reading Practice #17 – Cute Park Sign

This cute park sign is asking you not to do a dangerous thing in the park. There are a lot of trees in this park, and doing this dangerous thing could have very bad consquences. Kanji Reading Practice #17 – Cute Park Sign contains Japanese Kanji from WaniKani of level 30 and below. Most of the kanji are below level 15, and there is even a bonus kanji that WaniKani doesn’t have!

See down below the photo for an explanation of the kanji and the meaning of the sign.


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The Kanji Meanings and Readings (this usage):

火 – fire – ひ

遊 – play – あそ

佐伯区 – Saeki-Ku – さえきく (Name of a city ward/section)

役 – service, duty – ヤク

所 – place – ショ

管 – pipe – カン

理 – reason – リ

課 – section – カ


The Words:

火遊び – (ひあそび) – play with fire

佐伯区役所 – (さえき くやくしょ) – Saeki-Ku Office (Council)


たきび = 焚き火 – open-air fire (e.g. for garden refuse), bonfire

焚 – (フン, た ), not in WaniKani, and can mean many different things relate to fire


The Meaning:

たきびや 火遊びは やめましょう。

Let’s not play with fires or have bonfires.


佐伯区役所 管理課

Saeki-Ku (Ward) Office (Council) Management Section/Department/Division