Kanji Reading Practice #15 – Products

Kanji reading practice with pictures of everyday items containing Kanji.

Kanji Reading Practice #15 – Products


For this Kanji Reading Practice we have a type of product that has been very popular for the last year (since around March of 2020). Well, you should be able to determine that by the photo on the package. There are 14 kanji on this product package, with 9 of them being lower than level 30 on WaniKani. There are 2 kanji that are level 45. The only reason I can do this product know is that I just hit level 45 on WaniKani.

Try your hand at translating this product package and see how much you can understand without looking up any kanji! Explanation of the kanji in this reading practice is below the photo…

Picture of Japanese Product

Delicious Japanese Snacks from Japan from J-List - Your Favorite Online Shop and Friend in Japan

The Kanji Meanings and Readings (this usage):

食 (ショク) – eat, food

卓 (タク) – table

用 (ヨウ) – task, use

限 (げん) – limit

定 (テイ) – determine

試 (ため) – try, attempt

品 (ひん) – product, article, goods

通 (ツウ) – pass through

常 (ジョウ) – normal, ordinary, usual

徐 (ジョ) – exclude, remove

菌 (キン) – bacteria

片 (かた) – one sided

手 (て) – hand

押 (お) – push


The Words:

食卓用 – (しょくたくひん) – for table use (for eating surface use)

限定 – (げんてい) – limit; restriction

お試し品 – (おためしひん) – trial product  

通常品 – (つうじょうひん) – normal (usual) product (referring to the 300ml size)

アルコール除菌 – (じょこん) – alcohol sterilization / disinfection (lit. exclude bacteria)

片手 – (かたて) – one-handed

押して – (おして) -push

サッと – quickly

除菌 – (じょきん) – disinfect / sterilize (lit. exclude bacteria)


The Meaning:

食卓用 – for table use (for eating surface use)

限定お試し品 – limited trial product (this the 240ml size)

通常品 – normal product (size) 300ml

アルコール除菌 – alcohol sterilization / disinfectant

片手で押してサッと除菌 – quickly sterilize by pressing with one hand (one-handed by push quicky sterilize)