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Amazon Prime Japan is a great resource for watching content in Japanese. You can watch familiar English content either dubbed or subtitled in Japanese.

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Amazon Prime Japan

Amazon Prime Japan is a great resource for watching Japanese content. Especially if you are in Japan. It is only 500 yen, or less than $5, a month. Much less expensive than Amazon Prime is in the United States. The only catch if you are outside Japan, is that I’m not sure how well a VPN will work. I know that I used to be able to use a VPN to watch U.S. Amazon Prime, but I have haven’t used it in years since it became so expensive.

It is very easy to sign up for Amazon Prime Japan, as allows you to change the language settings to English. You can even shop as you would in your home country, although not all products will ship internationally.

Content on Amazon Prime Japan

The content on Amazon Prime Japan is similar to the content of the U.S. site. The amount and type of content is not as good as Netflix in my opinion, and I have no clue about Hulu. But, the thing about Prime Japan is that it has all of the Amazon exclusive produced content. So, it has a lot of English content, and a good portion of that is either dubbed into Japanese, or has Japanese subtitles. It even has most of the same channel content as the U.S. like HBO, Star Channel, BBC, and of course a lot of Japanese channels. At the time of this writing, some of these channels do not cost extra, or have more free content (with Prime) than in the U.S. I remember that at least the first 3 or so seasons of “Game of Thrones” was free with the Prime subscription.

There are a lot of good Japanese shows like “Chibi Maruko Chan”, a family cartoon that airs on Japanese television on Sundays. Since it is a family show, and centers around an elementary school age girl, it does have a lot of easy to understand language.  There is a lot of anime and other original Japanese content. Season one of “Demon Slayer” is available if you like it. The live action “Ghost in the Shell”, the first two “John Wick” movies, and many more contain Japanese subtitles if you are practicing your reading skills.

Since there is a lot of English content on Prime that is dubbed or subtitled into Japanese, it is great for practicing. You can watch content that you are already familiar with, have seen before, or thoroughly know already in the Japanese language so you may not have to look up to many definitions while you are watching. And, as shown in the featured image, it looks like a Japanese version of “The Masked Singer” is coming soon to Amazon Prime Japan!