Easy Japanese Rice Cooker Onion Bacon Rice

See how you can make some Easy Japanese Rice Cooker Onion Bacon Rice with this recipe! One ‘pot’, the rice cooker, and set it and forget it!

Rice Cooker Onion Bacon Rice Recipe Photo

Easy Japanese Rice Cooker Onion Bacon Rice

I ran across this easy Japanese rice cooker onion bacon rice recipe somewhere on the internet a while back. One of those quick one pot meals that really isn’t that bad. It isn’t the most interesting dinner in the world, but when you are stressed and short on time, it hits the spot. Especially with one or two tweaks to the recipe.

All you need, in addition to the rice you are cooking, is a whole onion and some thick Japanese bacon. If you have lived in Japan, you know that Japanese bacon isn’t the same as western style bacon. I haven’t really taken the time to look up what makes it different, but I imagine it is the curing process. I would also imagine that Japanese bacon doesn’t have as much nitrates and salts used in it’s preparation. Much less fatty than western style bacon, it still does produce a little bit of grease when cooked, but not much. It is not as delicious as fatty western bacon, but it is still very good. It has it’s own taste, and I still like it. It may be more healthy, and clean up is definitely much easier without all the bacon grease left in the pan. Ham! Japanese bacon is pretty close to ham. Even looks like ham before you cook it.

But anyway, on to the Easy Japanese Rice Cooker Onion Bacon Rice recipe!

Onion Bacon Rice in the Rice Cooker

Just prepare the rice as you normally would. Cut a whole onion to your liking, I just made about 10 slices from top to bottom, but not all the way through so that the onion held itself together. Then you cut up the thick bacon block into smaller pieces. Put the onion into the rice and water, in the middle, and spread the bacon pieces around the edge of the bowl. Close and cook the rice as you normally would.

One change that I made: the bacon block I bought was really big, so I had too much bacon. I took some of the leftover bacon pieces and fried them in a pan on the stove. I added them to the rice after it was finished cooking, but not before I just ate a bunch of bacon pieces by themselves. I think that frying the bacon added much more flavor to this recipe.

You could also try adding some beef or chicken bouillon cubes for more flavor. I suggest mixing them with the water first. I just added a cube to the pot thinking that it would mix in while cooking since a rice cooker is basically a steamer. I was wrong, I wound up with a small brown patch of rice at the end.