Strange Suntory Whisky Commercial

Strange Japanese Commercial for Suntory Whisky Royal.

Strange Suntory Whisky royal Commercial

In another edition of strange, in a way which only the Japanese do, check out this weird Suntory Whisky Commercial for Suntory Whisky Royal.

It starts off fairly normal with a group of two men and one woman laughing and joking around. Then add in the old classic ‘kiss me on the cheek’ gesture to the woman. And, of course, when she does move in closer he turns his head quickly so that she might ‘accidentally’ kiss him on the lips. I’ll give him props though, he does ‘stop short’ so that she doesn’t actually kiss him on the lips. They all have a good laugh at this, even the woman. It looks like they are immensely enjoying themselves with all the explosive laughter.

But then, cut to a different woman sitting at the bar alone. She is crying. Sitting next to her is a man. He, very boldly I might add, reaches out with his hand and touches his finger to a tear on her cheek. “What does he do next?” you might ask. Well, he licks his finger to taste the woman’s tear of course. What? Yes. He also says something, but I don’t know what it was as it was in French(?).