Midnight Diner 2 (Movie)

Midnight Diner 2 Movie on Netflix is a set of enjoyable stories along the lines of the original television show.

Midnight Diner 2 Movie on Netflix

Highly recommended movie in the “Midnight Diner” series. I began with this series by watching the most recent 2 seasons that are produced by Netflix. This is the second of two movies in the series. We never really learn that much about master himself, or his past, in these two movies or the Netflix series. But at the end of this movie he visits a grave. I began watching the original television series a few days ago. There were 3 seasons that began in 2014, and it does not look well produced. The first few shows in the first series are not that great. But, I will continue to finish the first 3 seasons, as I am curious about master’s background and if it was ever revealed.

The “Midnight Diner 2” Movie on Netflix first story starts of with many of the regulars coming into the diner after attending funerals. It turns out that the main character of this story walks around dressed in black after work, making it look like she has just attended a funeral. She does this so that she can get attention from men that are, for some reason, attracted to women like this or at least think that women who have just attended funerals are more vulnerable. She thinks she finds love, but then it goes all wrong, and she suffers a series of misfortunes. But alas, in the end it all works out for Noriko.


The second story is about a young man who falls in love with an older woman. The man’s father died 17 years earlier, and his mother just won’t let him grow up. Because she won’t let him grow up and start taking care of himself, she thinks that he will never be mature. He tells his mother that he wants to get married to a woman that is 15 years older than he is, and of course she objects. His mother doesn’t know that she has already met, and really likes, the woman that her son wants to marry. A hilarious encounter occurs at the diner when he walks in on his mother sitting next to the woman he loves. I think it is one of the best scenes of the Midnight Diner series.

I’ve seen this guy in the 1st season I think, but not as a policeman.

The first two stories were about love, and it was looking like the third was going to be also. Turns out, the last story is related to one of the many scams that old people in Japan are facing these days. The old “this is your son and I’m in trouble I need money” scam. It relies on the gullibility of older people, and the Japanese nature of not really getting into other people’s business by asking the tough questions. But, it turns out that this old lady may have wanted to be scammed, or at least had a reason for being scammed.

If you don’t have Netflix, or you would just like to have Midnight Diner 2 all to yourself, the below Blu Ray on Amazon has both the 1st and 2nd Midnight Diner movies. But be careful, it is an import, and I believe is only playable on Asian region players. It is Japanese audio with English (and other) subtitles.