Three Peaks “Mikuradake” Hike

A moderately difficult hike up and across three different ‘peaks’ on this mountain in Hiroshima Prefecture.

Three Peaks “Mikuradake” Hike


Moderately difficult hike at Three Peaks, near Otake, Hiroshima, Japan. This is pretty close to Hiroshima city, probably about 30 to 40 minute drive. It is also close to Iwakuni, Japan; only about a 30 minute drive to Mikuradake, or the Three Peaks. See below for hiking route and map info. I also have some photos down below from interesting points of the hike.

This hike was just under 5km. We were up there for 4 1/2 hours, but we took a lot of breaks and enjoyed the views of the surrounding areas. You have a choice of a few different routes, but mainly there is an “A” route and a “B” route. If you hover your cursor over the elevation portion of the map below, it will display an arrow that shows you were that spot is along the route that I tracked with GPS. “A” route is a little easier on the way up I think, but I actually don’t know as we went up the “B” route and down the “A” route. If you want to hit more than 1 peak, I think it would be much easier starting up the “B” route. It is a lot easier to climb up, than it is to climb down. You’ll see down below.

Three Peaks Hiking Map


Taking the “B” route, you can easily get to the first peak. On the way up to the second peak however, there are some fairly short, but still vertical climbs. There are chains in more than a few places to provide something to hang on to and help you on the way up. And it two locations there are metal hand and footholds attached to rocks, because you’ll need them to climb. This is why I think it would be easier to hit all 3 peaks if you start up the “B” course. If you try to hit all 3 peaks by starting up the “A” course, you’ll have to descend using the chains and the foot/hand holds.

Three Peaks Climbing Chain Handholds

The Three Peaks (Mikuradake) hike is not a hike for very young children, it can get pretty dangerous. And the peaks all have sharp drop offs at the top. I saw at least 2 places for rock climbing, there were hooks placed in the rocks for anchoring. Also, at the bottom of the trail at the end of the parking lot, there is a rock climbing wall that looks to be about 30 to 40 feet high.

Three Peaks is a great hike that provides awesome views of the surrounding mountains.

Three Peaks (Mikuradake) Hike

Starting Point:

  • 34.30845, 132.15924


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