Kanji Reading Practice #5

Kanji reading practice with pictures of everyday items.

Kanji Reading Practice #5


This time we are looking at a sign that is in an area outside. There are some ‘lower level’ kanji on this sign, but some of the kanji are as high as WaniKani level 30. Take a look down below the sign for the explanations.



The Kanji Meanings and Readings (this usage):

(はま) – beach; seashore

(こう) – public; governmental

(えん) – park; garden

() – night; evening

() – o’clock (hour; time)

(よく) – the following; next

(あさ) – morning

(かん) – interval of time; space

() – Level 11 – profit; benefit

(よう) – Level 3 – task; use; utilize

(きん) – Level 18 – prohibit; ban; forbid

() – Level 2 – correct; justice (normally せい、しょう)

The Words:

みずとり – waterfowl; water bird (could also be 水鳥)

浜公園 (はまこうえん) – beach park; seaside park

(よる) – night

9時~ (くうじ) – 9 o’clock

翌朝 (よくあさ) – the following (next) morning

5時 (ごじ) – 5 o’clock

まで – until

(あいだ) – between (interval)

公園 (こうえん) – park

利用 (りよう) – use, utilize

禁止 (きんし) – prohibited

The Meaning:

みずとりの浜公園   – Waterfowl Seaside (Beach) Park

夜9時~翌朝5時までの間、– between 9 o’clock at night and 5 o’clock the next morning

公園の利用を禁止します。– park use is prohibited.