Kanji Reading Practice #4

Kanji reading practice with pictures of everyday items.

Kanji Reading Practice #4

Yet again, we have another sign from Daiso, the Japanese 100円 store. This one should make you happy, it is the reason you are shopping at a 100円 store. Kanji here are from WaniKani level 22 and below.


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The Kanji Meanings and Readings (this usage):

() – house; home

(けい) – measure; measurement

(おう) – respond; reply

(えん) – assist; aid; help

() – value; price

(かく) – status

The Words:

家計 (かけい) – household economy; family finances

応援 (おうえん) – support; assistance; rooting

うれしい – happy; pleased

価格 (かかく) – price; value; cost

The Meaning:


Supporting household finances! Great price!

Daiso went with the English translation of “Supporting your family finances! The best prices!”