Kanji Reading Practice #3

Kanji reading practice with pictures of everyday items.

Kanji Reading Practice #3

Another shop sign from the Japanese 100円 store called Daiso. These kanji are from WaniKani levels 12 and below. Just about any time you go into any store, this sign applies. There are many “eyes” around. See down below the photo for the answer. No peeking!


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The Kanji Meanings and Readings (this usage):

(あん) – relax; peaceful

(しん) – heart

() – make (normally さく)

(どう) – move

(ちゅう) – middle; in; inside; center

The Words:

安心 (あんしん) – relief, piece of mind

カメラ – camera

作動中 (さどうちゅう)- in operation; in use; in action

The Meaning:


Security cameras in operation.