Kanji Reading Practice #14

Kanji reading practice with pictures of everyday items.

Kanji Reading Practice #14

Here we have another product from the magical store known as Daiso. If you didn’t know, Daiso is the Japanese version of a dollar store. They focus on the 100円 price point. But like many other stores like this, there are products which are a bit more expensive. The Kanji on this product’s packaging is from WaniKani levels 42 and below. See down below the picture for the explanation of the kanji.

Kanji Reading Practice #15 非常用袋


The Explanation

The Kanji Meanings and Readings (this usage):

(そな) – provide (おんよみ=ビ)

(アン) – relax

(シン) – heart

() – injustice

(ジョウ) – ordinary

(ヨウ) – task; use

(ふくろ) – sack (おんよみ=タイ)

(サイ) – disaster

(ガイ) – damage; injury; harm

(タイ) – versus; opposite

(サク) – plan

The Words:

備えて – (in) preparation for (そなえて)

安心 – safety; peace of mind (あんしん)

非常用 – for emergency use; for emergencies (ひじょうよう)

– bag (ふくろ)

災害 – disaster (さいがい)

対策 – countermeasure (たいさく)

The Meaning:

備えて安心!– Preparedness and peace of mind; Prepare for safety

非常用袋 – emergency bag; survival kit

災害対策 – disaster countermeasures; disaster prevention measures