Kanji Reading Practice #13

Kanji reading practice with pictures of everyday items.

Kanji Reading Practice #13

Here we are looking at a product that is for sale in the Daiso store. The kanji are from WaniKani levels 25 and lower. Should be a pretty easy guess at what the kanji mean based on the product picture. Check down below for the explanation.

The Kanji Meanings and Readings (this usage):

(みず) – water

(きり) – cut; cut off; be sharp

(ゼイ) – tax

() – extract; slip out; pull out; quote; remove; omit

The Words:

水切 – water cut (literally); but here means ‘drain’

トレー – tray

税抜 – excluding tax; tax excluded; tax free

(Irregular usage without okurigana; normally 税抜き)

The Meaning:

水切トレー (water) drainage tray

税抜 – excluding tax