Kanji Reading Practice #12

Kanji reading practice with pictures of everyday items.

Kanji Reading Practice #12

This sign is from one of my many walks along a river. This river has a park next to it, with observation areas. The picture gives away the meaning a little. This sign has kanji from WaniKani level 23 and below. See down below the photo for the explanation.


The Kanji Meanings and Readings (this usage):

(ふゆ) – winter

(あいだ) – interval; interval of time

() – defend

(がん) – coast

(どう) – path; road

() – exit; go out; come out; leave

The Words:

冬の間は – in (during) the winter

護岸道 – seawall**

出ないで – go out (don’t)

ください – please

The Meaning:


During the winter, please don’t go out on the seawall.

Please stay off the seawall during the winter.

** I had some difficulty with 護岸道. My wife said she didn’t know how to pronounce it, and said that she didn’t know what it means. I was able to find 護岸 (ごがん), which means “river dike” or “seawall”. So, just  add 道(どう) to it to turn it into one that you can walk on, or drive on. Of course, a Google image search brings up a whole bunch of dikes and seawalls.